Level 2, Import Data into G1 Region List


Hi all,


I'm stuck with importing data from a saved view to the G1 region list and I don't understand where the error is coming from.


Region Flat:



Saved View (SYS05 Region Details, Build Regions)






Import dialogue:



Error message:



So something's not working with the code/line item, but I don't get what it might be.


Can anyone give me a hint where the mistake is located?





Best Answer

  • ankit_cheeni

    Hi @PeterC 


    I might have understood what is wrong. So my understanding is that your saved view looks something like this:



    If you use this saved view, the import definition would look something like this:



    However, if you saved view looks something like this:



    Then your import definition will show Line Items instead of the code column(because as you see, there is no code column).



    Let me know if this is a possibility. 




  • Hi @PeterC 


    You're in the right direction. Your saved view is fine. You need to check your import definition - specifically what column are you mapping to the Code in the list. In your screenshots, it says Column 2: Line Items. I'd request you to check two things:

    1. Check if you are picking the right saved view (as per your saved view, your column 2 should be code but your import definition says line items)
    2. Reconfirm the import definition - If you are picking the right saved view, your code should match with code column on the view. 


    Let me know if this helps!

  • hi @ankit_cheeni ,


    thanks for helping out! It is definitely the correct saved view. I was also realizing that in the import, it says "Line Item" instead of "Code". But no matter what I do, it does not work.


    Does this depend on how I pivot the Saved view?



  • Hey @ankit_cheeni,


    that did solve the problem, thank you so much for your help!