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I have problem, I have a field published in the NUX board page, where users are expected to select project importance. Its a list formatted line item published in the field, with options being (Important, Very Important & unimportant ).

By default every project is unimportant-with users being able to select the importance level at any stage of the project. However, is there a way to block/turn off the ability for users from deleting the value, the "x"/delete option on the field removes default value thereby making the projects fall out of filters set up in the back end. This is usually done accidentally when enquired with the end users. 

I know there are options to create new line items as filters to include blank values however wanted to see if there are any simpler ways to do this.

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  • TimWard70
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    No option to stop deletion, however, you can error trap this in a separate line item.


    Have 2 line items:


    Project Importance (Input) = List formatted LI allowing selection


    Project Importance (Output) = Formula Driven, List Formatted LI = if isnotblank('Project Importance (Input)') then 'Project Importance (Input)' else 'SYS99 Lookups'.Unimportant


    Where SYS99 Lookups.Unimportant is a list formatted line item in your lookups module with unimportant selected.




  • Hi,
    As you mentioned, you can use another line item with formula for blanks etc. You can also use "Data Write" actions, as three buttons that would assign different importance on click. This field would then be not visible to users (to prevent manual change), so if you'd like to show the value to them, you need to create another line item just directly referencing your writable field.