Why do I still see source items from previous versions of upload files in the import definition?


Hi Anaplan community,


I don't understand why I still see source items from previous versions of upload files listed in the import definition tab of an import action. 

I used file A with periods call AP01, AP02,... and used that to upload into Anaplan and save that upload as an action.

Later, I changed the file and renamed the periods P01, P02,... and reuploaded the file using the "Import data sources" < New Source < same name of file (otherwise it is not possible to change the file).

When I click on edit of the action to redo the mapping, I still see the AP01, AP02,... in between the source items although these are no longer inside my upload file.


Why is that and how can I remove this?


Thank you!


  • @LouiseBourgonjon 


    A couple of things to be careful or understand using files as data sources:

    • always make sure the name of the new file is exactly the same as the file it is replacing
    • When you upload the file, make sure you are setting the permissions of the file correctly (Private, Admins, or Everyone)

    If you have uploaded a new file, you can edit the data source of the action to point to, so see if you have multiple files in the source area.



  • Dear Rob,


    Thank you for coming back on this.

    The replacing file has always the same name as the original file.

    I usually choose the setting "everyone". --> would this setting influence what I see in the source of the mapping table?

    In the source area, the action is pointing to only one source file. 

  • @LouiseBourgonjon 


    Well it can influence if another user uploads the file and doesn't change the permissions and then you try to run the import from that file.  In this case, you will see the "old" file definitions while the person who uploaded it will see the new columns.  


    One thing you can do is go to the module where you are attempting to load the data to and click Data -> Import.  Select the file you just uploaded.  Obviously, make sure the file definition is correct with the updated columns.  Do the mapping, and run the import.  If this action created a new action at the bottom of your imports, then that means the source has changed meaning you could have hidden characters (2 spaces vs. 1 space).