Did you know we have a section on community created for UX Designers?


As you navigate the site, you may have noticed we have created an area with resources for UX Designers!  It's actually a group you can join and receive notifications when new events, training resources, videos and related content get published! 

We're excited to make these areas available to you and hope you find them useful!  In fact, there's an upcoming event you may find helpful as well!  Check it out or join the group here!

Got a question?  Start here!


We're "hear" to help 😀




  • @EricS 

    Love the change.

    Only two observations I would like to make is that finding the general community forum (this one) is no longer very intuitive. The other is that these changes did something to all my subscriptions. I no longer get email notifications. I've tried to reset my subscriptions by unsubscribing, then resubscribing but to no avail.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Hi Jared - notifications should be working as expected again. Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems. Thanks!