Anaplan Performance Issue


Hi All,  

I am facing issue in terms of Anaplan Model Performance. In my model I have a Filter Criteria Module which allows user to filter the dataset in a particular module based on the users selection. 

Dimensions in Filter criteria module is Z-User which allows me to provide selective access to the particular module. If I am having 30 List item in my Z-User Module my performance gets hit. 

What can be the ideal solution for it? I am attaching the Dashboard view of it. I have highlighted the Filter Criteria section in yellow.




  • Hi, was it explicit requirement where user will enter year and based upon that year anaplan will perform calculations? or it is just for filtering?

    If its just for filtering then why dont you enable Hierarchy filter for time on main grid and sync selection on other grids.

    And show only time summaries on page selection, instead of asking anapln to do the calculation and filter the data.