Governance and CoE Structure


Enacting governance and establishing an effective team structure are two core priorities for a CoE Leader. Though the style, playbooks, and sizes may vary from CoE to CoE, there are fundamental items that must be in place no matter what. Learn what other CoE Leaders have tested and determined as their governance standards and CoE structure. 
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Key Topics:

  • Governance Standards
  • CoE Structure

Governance Standards 

  • Model Building Standards">⭐ :

    • Create an intuitive and consistent model design, design user-friendly experience/consistency across models, and instill certainty that models include the latest best practices. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Creating a model building standards document helps unify model building and design standards across all use cases.  — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE  (@Prince.Ayinde)

  • Solution Architecture Standards — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Establish policy for no-code platforms to accurately and sufficiently support the changes in business and technical environments.

    • Enable quick delivery, but ensure applications are not built and integrated haphazardly.

    • Translate stakeholder objectives into architecture requirements, solutions, and changes.

    • Regularly review and recalibrate your solution architecture as the broader firm’s needs and technical environments evolve.

  • Prioritization Strategy & Council —  By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Involve development and stakeholder perspectives when communicating with executive decision-makers.

    • Establish criteria for prioritization of one project over another; Gain consensus approval for resources, cost, and timing.

  • Change Controls —  By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Establish a risk-based model for evaluating the magnitude of changes and how to deploy these to the firm.

    • Ensure changes are communicated in advance and are tested by functional and technical end users.

    • Create a changelog to improve audibility and align with regulatory requirements.

  • The Anaplan Planual: The Planual is a must-read resource for all model builders as it establishes a foundation of best practices when building in Anaplan.  — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE  (@Prince.Ayinde)

CoE Structure

  • Secrets of a Successful Center of Excellence (CoE): A Q&A with Groupon [Webinar] ">⭐: Dive into details of two tactical components of Groupon’s CoE: Master Data Management (MDM) and custom Anaplan enablement 

  • COE Roles & Responsibilities ">⭐: Every business has different organizational structures; however, CoE Roles & Responsibilities is a framework for CoE leaders to identify the right resources for success. — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE  (@Prince.Ayinde)
  • Fortescue Metal Group's CoE Structure: A Core/Central Anaplan Team with Federated Anaplanner Council, PMO, and IT/Data Team — By Asslam Umar Ali, CoE Leader @ Fortescue Metal Group (@Asslam)
    FMG CoE Team Structurepng
  • Integrated Planning Team, Central CoE Team, and Technology Committees  —  By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)