Strategic Leadership


As noted in this CoE Leader video, CoE Leaders are seen as transformational and strategic leaders in the business. You are leading the team's charter and creating long-term success plans for both Anaplan—the technical roadmap—and your CoE members—the talent roadmap. Learn how other CoE Leaders are sparking inspiration, sharing successes, and ensuring continuity for their CoEs. 
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Key Topics:

  • Talent Strategy and Roadmap
  • Technical Roadmap

Talent Strategy and Roadmap

  • Core Anaplan Talent  — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Look for individuals in or out of your technology team with strong deductive reasoning skills, macro-level thinking, an existing skillset in comparable technology, or has a strong grasp of overall organizational goals

    • Some attributes of a successful candidate may be:

      • An employee from a business line who has built and maintained complex financial models or low code platforms (e.g., Salesforce, Workday)

      • Employee out of a rotational program eager to continue with a variable/rotating work model but remain close to core business

  • Subject Matter Experts — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Look for individuals eager for change and willing to take on something outside of their day-to-day or those who have actively promoted/implemented other strategic initiatives

    • Some attributes of a successful candidate may be:

      • An employee from a Non-Tech Department with a strong aptitude for existing technologies

      • An employee with strong process knowledge and credibility within their vertical

      • An employee with management reporting & communications experience

  • 3rd Party Partnerships  — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Anaplan consulting is an extremely valuable complement to an internal CoE / Anaplan team. They can provide foundational guidance to set up an organization for success.

      Below are some examples of when to leverage:

      • Implementation

      • Staff Augmentation (Post Go-Live)

      • Promotion/Proof of Concept Development

  • Emphasize Internal Partnerships: Business partner alignment is fundamental to the long-term success of the Center of Excellence. From engineering to end-users, consistent engagement maintains a collaborative environment. Often, new use case opportunities are birthed from strong, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders. As a CoE leader, prioritize check-ins with stakeholders to understand their challenges and identify collaboration opportunities. — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE  (@Prince.Ayinde)

Technical Roadmap

  • Deployed Models and Net New Use Cases  — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)
  • Deliver Solutions Quickly: A business-led delivery approach is the most efficient way to deliver solutions that business partners will adopt. This requires a focus on hiring the best talent in the Anaplan ecosystem. — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE  (@Prince.Ayinde)
  • Internally Architected Solutions: When delivering results, it is crucial to focus on the customers (AKA, its users). Internal resources create a tighter feedback loop with partners and users by having frequent touchpoints (Story Grooming, Design Review, Sprint Review). — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE  (@Prince.Ayinde)