Career Opportunities


Many professionals know how impactful having Anaplan knowledge and expertise is on their careers. As there are many paths one can take being part of an Anaplan Center of Excellence. 

Hear from our current and former Center of Excellence Leaders on how being in this leadership position has propelled their careers, and learn how you as a CoE Leader can shape your members' professional development.
  • CoE Leader Career Paths
  • CoE Members' Paths
  • Technical Careers
  • Non-Technical / Business Careers

CoE Leader Career Paths 

Learn how much impact being a CoE Leader has on your career, whether that continues within or outside of your CoE

  • Hear from Brittany Deaton, Actuarial Director at Unum, former Center of Excellence Founder and Leader, and 2019's Certified Master Anaplanner of the Year.  

CoE Members' Paths

Technical Careers

  • Master Anaplanner: As a CoE leader, it is advantageous to join the elite group of Anaplanners. Master Anaplanners enjoy a privileged relationship with Anaplan which includes faster access to required resources and knowledge sharing. — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE  (@Prince.Ayinde)

  • Product Owners — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)
    • Vendor management (Contracts, pricing, RFPs, etc.)
    • Troubleshooting escalation: Support Tickets & Post go-live support, Operational Requests/Enhancements
    • Cross-functional architecture  (System integrations, Database / codebase design, security, etc.)
    • Report/analytics/visualization tools updates & design
    • Platform policy lead: SOX, Other Audit, Security Reviews
  • Technology Business Partners — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker) 
    • ‘Evolve-the-firm’ Projects: User stories, Requirements, and Stakeholder mgmt, Opportunity tracking & execution

    • Process & Solution design; Quality Assurance

    • Platform Health Support: UAT tester/participant, Feature-set evaluation & Feature prioritization

  • Implementation Lead — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker) 
    • Enterprise Performance Management: Offer outside expertise, capability expansion or lessons learned, Provide Industry or Product or Use Case specific knowledge
    • Platform assessment > Solution design partner > Implementation
    • Support Deployment & Operational Enablement: Design UAT scripts, Training Sessions, Model Guides, Establish CoE Charter, Recruit Members, and Train Leads
    • Typically available in consulting firms
Non-Technical / Business Careers

  •  Model Owner / Subject Matter Expert (SME) — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Vendor knowledgebase: Attend webinars, courses, etc., Understand/present platform roadmap & best practices

    • Own model design and strategic & new feature roadmap

    • Cross function liaison (e.g., Upstream / Downstream data dependencies, reporting requirements, model promotion, new user onboarding)

  • Corporate Strategy & Operations — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)
    • Work with internal stakeholders in need of systematic workflow improvements.

    • Understand the latest & most innovative technologies within your industry or function.

    • Eliminate operational issues caused by legacy process: Reduce technical debt & innovate existing platforms, Automate data transformations and connectivity, Create self-service access to critical decision-making information

  • Process Design Consultant — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

    • Finance, Human Capital, or General Enterprise Operations: Improve capacity, capability, collaboration, and credibility, Influence client’s strategic direction (e.g., M&A, Restructuring, Hiring Plans, Capital Raise, etc.)

    • Help design process to deliver the right information, at the right time and in actionable formats.

    • Provide insight into key firm drivers (e.g., Profitability, Compensation, Cost Drivers, Client Acquisition, etc.)

    • Typically available in consulting firms