Building a Long Range Planning Model




I'm a new Anaplan user (completed L1 model builder). I'm starting a project to get our current Long Range Planning model from excel into Anaplan. This is my first project and I'm wondering whether other group members have any similar experiences. 


There is a template LRP model in the App Hub which I'm considering using but I'm also wondering would I be best off to build something from scratch.


Any help would be appreciated. 





  • @tomflahavan 


    Welcome aboard!  As for the App hub model, I would use it solely as a template of what you "can" do as well as getting ideas from it, but do not use it as your base.  It will take longer to unwind features you don't need than it will building from scratch.



  • Hi @tomflahavan ,


    I would echo @rob_marshall in advising you to use the App Hub model as more of a reference rather than building directly on top of it.


    As for experience building a LRP model, I was lead model builder on our company's Extended FP&A model which we built and moved to MVP last year. A lot of the structure depends on how extended of a time frame you're looking at, what level of granularity you need (from both a time and data perspective), what sort of economic indicators you are using (or if you're just using growth assumptions in combination with historical), how you want it to interplay with other FP&A models, etc.


    There's clearly a lot to it which is dependent on many factors. I'd be happy to discuss in further detail offline if you'd like. Otherwise, best of luck!



  • Hi @rob_marshall

    any ideas on how to start building the LRP model?



  • @Megha27

    I would follow what @TimothyThomas stated above. Get some requirements and user stories.