Recursivity - Button to copy from one module to another


Hi Anaplan, I have an issue with a modele that requiere recusivity to optimise a KPI. My manual solution is the following :

  • I enter a paramater (let's call it A1).
  • Anaplan compute this value and give me the matching KPI.
  • at the same time modele produce a better value A2 for A1. Then i can copy this new value  A2 into the paramater A1.
  • And i repeat (usually 10 to 30 times) until my KPI is close enough to my target.

I would like to have a button which could copy the value A2 into A1 Even better i would like to have a button that could copy and compute and the repeat it 30 times or until some trigger is activated. Have you ever faced this issue ? Best regards, Damien


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  • zimin-oleg
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    Hi Damiel 
    I've faced the same case on a project when we had to align assets and liabilities for Balance Sheet
    in this case any change in assets cause change in liabilities and vise versa
    In their Excel model Customer analysts used solver solution functionality so we had to find similar solution for Anaplan
    For as-is solution we also had to launch import 30-40 times so the best thing I could do - to clear and realize algorithms
    of finding balance for this equation using not imports but formulas (backward calcs)
    As the result we now have to launch 3 imports instead of 30-40


  • Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry that my wording may be confusing. How can I clarify that ?

    1) I need a button to copy some data from one module to another one.  I can't use formulas because it would create a cicular reference.
    2) Is it possible to make an action that would "click" this button 10 times.

    Best regards
  • Thanks Oleg for your reply,

    I understand that it's not possible to fully automise a "Solver Functionnality" in Anaplan

    It's not totally clear to me how you succeed to reduce your import from 30/40 to 3. How could you perform this optimisation ?
  • It's as I usually do =)
    I usually take a piece of paper & a pen and build equations with variables
    It looks like you formalize Solver Solution case and replace it with backward formula to get 
    dependences between A1&A2 (variables) 

    I could try to help you with your case if you have it's logical description
  • Ok, i get it now.

    The issue with my model is that i can't turn it into equation because there are a lot of non linear steps (threshold, IF ... THEN, Impact over time, rules that impact the computation base on boolean...) therefore i can't compute a formula and turn it backward.  
    Actually i guess the solver wouldn't work in excel either. The client used VB script to find the solution by checking a lot of value.

    A last question, if you don't mind, about the usability of your solution. Regarding your import/export, how do you manage to make them user friendly ? Are you using an Action ? Did you make a script on a remote server ?  
  • Hi Damien,

    Despite received wisdom, this is actually possible in Anaplan. What you have to do is use the time dimension to implement the recursion.

    Here's how:
    Create a module, dimensioned by time, with a line item that performs your calculations
    Set the line items up in this module so that each month looks at the previous month's approximation and adjusts its inputs accordingly
    Set the Summary property of the relevant line items to Closing Balance
    Your module will now iterate over the calculations, getting closer & closer all the time
    Now you can get the result out into another module by using SELECT: Time.All Periods

    If you do this you won't need any actions or buttons - it's all formula-driven.

    Hope that helps!