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I'm a newbie here and I hope this isn't a stupid question (I certainly feel stupid because I can't figure this out). But can someone explain mapping when we are importing lists into Anaplan?  Specifically, for each activity in Lesson 4.6, I got stuck on the mapping for each source in the list.  Basically, I'm getting confused on mapping to each parent/child, etc.  It's just not making any sense and I spent probably more time than I should have. I simply don't understand what should be selected here as I build my model.  I have a few screenshots below as an example.  I'm failing to understand what should be selected in the source drop-down for each property in the list.  How do we know what to select, what to leave blank, etc.?  Thank you.



Screenshot (7)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (6)_LI.jpg

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  • muizzsk9890
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    Hi @Sugaboo 

    Initially it feels tough for everyone while mapping this task but l must tell you that it is basically one of the easiest tasks. Try relating the sources & targets for each mapping. For example, parents for G2 country will be G1 regions, etc. The targets is one which asks for the type of column which it needs from the .csv file column. If it asks for country or department, the dropdown will consist of relative country or department header which will be available in the .csv file. The codes will be the relative to the context of which type of data code is it asking like codes are for countries, employees, etc. We can assign it accordingly. It might take some time to get a hands-on but it will be easy for you in near future. Goodluck.





    Muizz S.