Can a List be Copied similar like Modules?

Dear Community,

I have a basic question, many will feel it might be silly but still need to ask whether we can create a copy of the lists available in the General list sections like modules? If NO then why & if YES then how can we do it? 

Hoping to get answered by anyone of you soon!!!




Muizz S.



  • Not natively like for modules Muizz.


    You would need to set up the list name, set up a module that has line items for Code, Parent and Name, filter the module to only show the list members ie exclude parents and save a view, then import the view into the new list.


    As to why? an Anaplan product specialist may be best placed to answer you.

  • @muizzsk9890 


    The short answer is no, you can't make a copy of the list as you can with modules.  As to why, I am not really sure but would question why you believe you need/want to do this as you are simply duplicating data.  Remember, you need to be thinking in a multidimensional way, not in an Excel or RDMS way.  Especially with the subset feature, I can't think of a reason why you need multiple Account dimensions or multiple composite lists that are identical.



  • Dear @rob_marshall sir & @TimWard70 sir,

    Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts. It was a thought that just ran through my mind exactly as you said while using excel & RDMS and became a doubt. Hoping to get similar helpful suggestions from you all in the near future. 




    Muizz S.