How to sort list items in NUX management report table


Hi Anaplan Community,


I am struggling to display a grid with the parent first and the children of the list item below in the management report of the NUX.

Starting from a custom view, I have made sure that in the list itself I have my platforms (parents) before the sites (children).

Next to that, I have also enabled group at start. 

In the preview of the designer tab, the view looks good with the parent on top and the children below following the list order. However, when I click update, it does not show correctly on the slide. 

Am I missing something? Why is this not working? (see screenshots attached)


Thank you for your help!

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  • M.Kierepka
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    You are changing order/grouping columns. To do it for rows, click any row and then click "Group at start".


  • @M.Kierepka thank you. Sounds very logical afterwards... 🙂

  • @LouiseBourgonjonyeah, afterwards. But I faced the same thing some time ago, as it was not intuitive for me - it is opposite to what we are used to as model builders (both in old and new modeling experience). And I preferred the old way - I believe it was based on intuitive approach: "if you want to sort rows, you have to select on which column you want to sort them" (the same with filters). And because sorting is similar to adjusting how totals/summaries are grouped, it was more intuitive for me. Now, Anaplan developers changed it for New UX, and I don't see a reason why it has been changed.