Link version formula to other module


Hi Anaplan community,


In my FP&A model I am using Anaplan native version for tracking actuals, forecast, budget and forecast vs actuals and budget vs actuals.

The business end users want the budget vs actuals to be calculated as "Budget - Actual", whereas the end users with controlling functions rather want to see it calculated as "Actual - Budget". 

I have created a list-formatted line item in a module with the users list as a dimension so that each user could choose his/her preference. 

I wanted to refer to that line item in the version formula editor, however, it give me the error message that the formula is invalid. Probably because I am referring to a module with the user list as a dimension.


Is there a way to make the version formula user or role-dependent? I could create a business role and a controller role and it would be great if the version formula would then be differently calculated.

Or any other input on how to make this work? Off course I could add a new version which is calculating the other way around, but then I increase the model size and I would need to show that on dashboards and end users would see both types of calculations which would be duplication.


Thank you!


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