INV 01 Shipping Time Week

Hi I'm stuck with this formula for last 2 hours. Pls help clarify what is wrong with this?


INV01 Shipping Time Week - I'm getting "Format of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source"

'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Shipping Time (Week)'[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product,LOOKUP: Shipping Method]



  • @preetdhar80 

    First of all you have to compare the dimentions between the source (TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week) and the target (INV01 Inventory Ordering). The different dimentions have to be mapped in such a way that you could have a table with a list of elements of the one dimention to be put against elements of another one.

    Could you please share which dimentions are in the source module?

    In target you have SKUs, so each SKU has to be mapped to an element from a list used in the source module using list-formatted line item.


  • Hi, this is part of the Anaplan > Shipping time weeks data calculation. Most solutions suggested on the community suggest the formula I had earlier shared but somehow it does not work.

    TRA01 has 
    P2 Products & Shipping Methods as pages.

    Shipping Time (weeks) and Cost per 1000 units as line items.

    Time in weeks.


    INV01 is attached.

  • @preetdhar80

    TRA01 has two dimentions on your screenshot:

    Time (weeks) and a dimention with Nutzo Bar_EN element in it. Do you have a line item somewhere in your model where this Nutzo bar_EN (it's dimention) is mapped to SKU elements. Like below or anything similar??


    ProductSKU List
    Nutzo bar_ENSKU1
    Nutzo bar_ESSKU2
    Nutzo bar_ITSKU3


    This will be concidered as your mapping table and all you would have to do to pull the data from the source is to refer to this mapping table using SUM function.


  • Nutzo bar is the Product and Nutzo bar_EN is the SKU.


    I have also attached other two modules I' referencing to get the correct data. Somehow I think TRA01 has an issue, if you see the yearly number for shipping time is exorbitantly high.

  • I found the issue. In blueprint mode the 'Applies to' field was blank (instead of a '-' ) and that resulted to multiple incorrect calculations across modules.

    Anaplan is amazingly funny 🙂