Help with Lesson 8.5.3- Import Data into Volume Inputs Module


Please help. I've attached screenshots and don't know why I keep getting the time error message. Thanks.

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  • AdinahJ
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    Yes- I used the YYYYMM format but kept running into the same issue.


  • Hi Adinah,


    Can you share the error message you are getting?

  • Thank you for replying.


    The error message was what I had before changing the P2 and G3 from "product code" to "fixed". Can you explain why changing those affected the error message in my screenshot?

  • If you look at the mapping screen for the date fields in your import you should be able to change the format that Anaplan is expecting to the one in the file.  Note if it is a line item and not a dimension then you may need to check the check box next to the date line item(s) to configure dates.


    Look at the base data and select the most appropriate format.  So if the date is showing as MM/DD/YYY then pick MMDDYYYY etc.

  • Your column Headers are in YYYYMM format - there are no days.

    Can you set the import to be a period instead of a date?

  • It was set to period. I got it but thank you.