Survey Invitation: Dresner Wisdom of Crowds EPM Market Study


Hello, Model Contributors! Anaplan Customer Marketing is currently on the hunt for a handful of Anaplan enthusiasts to inform the research behind the upcoming Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds EPM market study: please consider participating in its 2022 end-user survey


By Thursday, March 31, 2022, please take five, short minutes to share your experience with AnaplanPlease only complete the sections that are relevant to you; you may skip areas that don't pertain to your current environment. Additionally, in exchange for your fresh perspective, Dresner will send you a complimentary copy of its research findings, target publish date: June 2022.




Thanks in advance for your support! And side note: Master Anaplanners receive 100 contribution points for the activity. Submit proof of survey submission to for credit.


About the Dresner Survey:

The Dresner Wisdom of Crowds Enterprise Performance Management market study surveys data professionals who rank BI vendors on metrics such as product quality, technical support, customer experience, scalability, and more. The independent study offers valuable insights such as vendor comparisons and global trends.