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When we export data from Anaplan we have the ability to add 'Labels' to the export.
These cannot be added to the view as it would be too complex, but are pulled down for the Export, which is really useful.
If we connect using the Excel Add-In can this be replicated. We connect to the view but i cannot see the option to bring down Labels anywhere?
Do we need to add line items to the Module (which wouldn't be best practice with large modules)

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  • billdowling
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    Hi,  a possible solution to this is to have a system module that contains the list labels (e.g. code, display name, properties).

    You could bring this into Excel on a separate sheet and reference this on your report using Excel VLOOKUP. 

    The Add-In will allow you to insert columns into the returned data while preserving the ability to refresh.

    Example below:

    I've brought in a module that gives me revenue by region. Region is a list with several properties:



    On a separate sheet, I will bring in the system module containing the properties:



    Now I can insert columns into my original report and reference the labels:



    The above report will still refresh correctly with the inserted columns. If a new region is created, you would need to copy down the excel formula.

    Attached is the source spreadsheet I created.


    Hope this is helpful.