Highlights from yesterday's event


📣 If you attended yesterday's UX Designer-focused event, we'd love to hear from you!📣
What did you like? What more do you want to hear about in the future? Were there any key takeaways you'd like to call out? 
We're dedicated to making your UX experience excellent, so please share your thoughts here! 


  • I found the event really useful. I thought the two speakers were great and provided a lot of insight. I thought the format of a simple open-forum discussion was great, and in the future think it would possibly be cool to see key case demos, whether they be creative dashboards in the UX or a particularly cool transformation from a classic dashboard to a UX dashboard. Looking forward to more in the future!

  • Great feedback! Thank you.
  • Thanks @TimothyThomas! Awesome to have you with us yesterday. Appreciate the feedback!

  • Hi @HollyRieke , was this recorded (for those of us in different time zones... or for anyone for that matter that couldn't attend)?   Great to see the comments above about how useful this session was.

  • Hi @philip.austin - you bet! It's available here 

  • Tin

    It was indeed helpful, especially for us beginners, those who haven't been fully deployed in projects (independently). Events like this help us cope with the trends, changes, and updates in Anaplan, specifically in UX designing! Thank you so much!

    Thank you.


  • We're glad you found the event useful! Make sure you check out the resources in the Model Contributor hub as well and watch for future events. As a beginner model builder, we think you'll find the hub very useful! Let us know what you think - thanks!