Anaplan Connector for PowerBI




I have a query on Anaplan Connector for PowerBI.


We are able to use the Anaplan Connector for PowerBI with Workspace Admin user logins.

But when we try using this with  a normal user login, connector does not fetch any models from the workspace.

Did anyone face this issue earlier? 


Thanks in advance for suggestions 🙂


-Achyut Hegde 



  • Hi @Achyut,

    I'd suggest checking if:

    • normal users are set as SSO-exceptions (to allow Basic Authentication using email and password)
    • normal users have access to any models within the workspace
    • normal users have access to the exports that are valid for Power BI
  • Achyut


    Thanks for your response, @M.Kierepka.


    Yes. I have checked below points.

    Users were given 'read' access to modules, access was given to actions as well. (they are not on SSO).

    They were not able to see models.


    However, now the issue is sorted in a weird way.


    When I set the users access to the modules as 'write' , they are able to pull it.

    it does not make sense logically, but it worked...!!!