In case you missed it: UX Designer Hub event recording

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Last week, I sat down with Felix Bein@BCSFB Certified Master Anaplanner & Manager | Enterprise Performance from Deloitte, and Taylor Giesler@taylor.swisher Manager from Lionpoint Group for a conversation about UX Designer tips and tricks.


During the hour-long session we touched on:

  • Transitioning from Classic to UX (5:47)
  • Management reporting (19:36)
  • Dashboarding — page builder deep dive (26:08)
  • New to Anaplan — where do I start? (36:27)
  • Hosting images and additional UX designer resources (42:20)
  • Tips, tricks, ALM, and saved views (44:35)
  • UX Designer career benefits (50:43)

This event is a great way to kickstart your transition to the New UX and to hear insider tips on how to make your dashboards stand out.

- Taylor Giesler, Lionpoint Group

Anaplan is continuously evolving in all its features. The release of new metadata transaction APIs makes it easier for you to access and process your data faster, PlanIQ's embedded intelligent analytics help you better prepare for the future, the Hyperblock family is being extended by Polaris - a new engine for the Anaplan platform, and Management Reporting lets you create highly customized slides that you can present within the platform or export to PDF and share with your broader organization. For those interested in learning about the latest trends and gaining first-hand insights from Anaplan practitioners, I highly recommend attending this series of events.

- Felix Bein, Deloitte

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