YTD time summary excluding current month


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Is there a way or a workaround for the YTD time summary to exclude the current month? I would need to do this for multiple line items in multiple modules that have different time summary methods.


I guess one solution would be to always postpone the update current month period with a full month, but it feels like there should be a better solution. 






  • Not sure you can achieve this using a line item summary method, however, you could have a line item with the formula PREVIOUS(YEARTODATE(--Line Item to Summarise--))  would this help?

  • @ddamerji 


    Can you use a line item with the formula: Previous(YeartoDate(line item))




    -- EDIT: @TimWard70 you got me by 2 minutes...Well done!

  • Hi @TimWard70  and @rob_marshall 


    So your formula solution would give me the right answer but correct me if I am wrong, not in the way I need it to be formatted. 


    What I am looking for is as an example this: My time summary is average and the models current period is Mars. Here the YTD includes the month of Mars because of how YTD is programmed/defined. But I would like the YTD summary column to take the average only for the months June21 - Feb22, meaning instead of 204,7 it should be 227,5. 




    This is just a dummy line item, in the real model I have multiple modules with multiple line items, subjected to different summary methods, but all of them needs to exclude the current period month regardless of method used. 

    Is this possible or is there a smart workaround? 


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  • @ddamerji 


    What is crazy, I can't seem to get your 204.7 number for YTD, I can get to the 170.6 number.

  • @ddamerji 


    It was my CurrentPeriod, it was not set correctly.

  • @ddamerji 


    I was able to get your number using MovingSum, but I don't believe we can get it for the YTD because that uses the Current Period.



  • Hi @ddamerji 

    I dont think this can be achieved. only way to see the numbers you desire to see, is to change the current period to current month in anaplan only when you have numbers for that month. unless, you dont have numbers for current month keep the time period to last month.


  • @ddamerji Not that elegant, however, I think you could achieve what you want using the RATIO summary method:  



  • Value 2 is simply a 1 or a 0 denoting which months to include in the total. This would need to be replaced by an if statement to test if the time period is earlier than the current period but hopefully sufficient of a sketch to give you the concept