Bulk Copy Version only on a define time period


I would like to copy my 2023 Budget Version on my Forecast version but just on the 2023 time period. The problem is when I do a bulk copy from my buget to my forecast, it also copy the 2021 budget datas and the 2022 budget datas whereas I want to keep the datas that were in my forecast. How can I easily configure my versions to do a bulk copy only on a define time period ?


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  • @AntoineFedi 


    Unfortunately we don't have that feature in BULK COPY yet. You can post this idea in an idea exchange forum.


    You can create action which takes the data from particular saved view to the target module. I know this might not be the feasible solution because it is being done at the module level. So you will have to replicate this to every module that you want the data to be copied.