Sorting lost in New UX with pivot


Hello all,


I have an use case, where I have built a screen with nested dimensions i.e., multiple lists as dimension in rows. When I have more than one dimension in rows, I loose the sorting functionality available on new UX. But the users need to have this these lists as rows only and we need the sorting as well. Do we have a workaround for this?


I have also add some filters in the screens to only show the valid combinations on screen as I have 3 lists in rows. When the users are pivoting to work with sorting, the filters are lost and it shows all the combinations. I can concatenate these dimensions as one of the list is already a combination list and I will have too many concatenations which is not good. How can we not impact the filters with pivot?


I tried using order list for sorting but this doesn't work with hierarchy as it will sort within the same parent. But we need sorting across all parents.


Please suggest if we have any workaround to solve this.


Thanks in advance.





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