The ability to show multiple views



I have a module that has 40+ line items  (columns) and i have saved a dozen views that show different columns depending on what you are interested in looking at. However this means i need 12 grids or 12 dashboards.
This is because you cannot refresh to a different view as far as i am aware. 
Are there any plans to be able to choose view when on a dashboard, and then show that view. I guess this would be nicer in the new UX




  • Hi,
    I don't think such functionality will come to New UX soon, as allowing users to choose some view might be complicated.
    I'd advise reviewing your approach in the meantime, maybe you can avoid having so many views for the users to pick from? Perhaps it can be some dimension you can filter on, and allow users to steer that filter; or maybe you can show more/all columns, as they can always hide some of them? Another way to deal with many views is to hyperlink pages/group them in some way on different dashboards/make user pick some from insights pane.