Get value of immediate Parent of page selector



The list hierarchy defined is Category > Brand > Sub-brand > SKU

When the page selector is selected, how can we dynamically get the total value of its immediate parent ?


For example,

if SKU is selected, the value should be of total of Sub-brand level.

If Brand is selected, the value should be total of Category level


The reason is to get % of total (of immediate parent) to calculate sales mix at different levels of hierarchy 






  • To get the value associated with the parent item in a composite hierarchy, you can leverage PARENT() and a LOOKUP.


    The Anapedia page on PARENT has some good examples, but here's an example of what you can do.


    Module: Sub Brand Details

    Dimensions: Sub Brand

    Line items:

    • Value = (imported)


    Module: SKU Details

    Dimensions: SKU

    Line items:

    • Value = (imported)
    • Parent Item = PARENT(ITEM(SKU))
    • Parent Value = 'Sub Brand Details'.Value[LOOKUP: Parent Item]
    • Percent of Parent Value = Value / Parent value


    You can repeat this approach for each level of the hierarchy.


    Keep in mind the best practice for storing the parent values would be to put them in a System model (the 'S' in DISCO). Read more here: