Dashboard - Export to PDF while using the "Wrap Text in Headers" feature


I'm trying to build a dashboard which replicates an exisiting report used by our company. It has a very specific layout which consists of a dashboard element which fits perfectly to A4 Landscape. (There are also two small dashboard elements below it) The users will need to pint these reports regularly. To make the dashboard element fit to A4 Landscape the "Wrap Text in Headers" feature is set to "2 lines". It looks perfect untill I use the "Export to PDF" feature. The exported PDF loses the header wrapping which results in a lot of white space and very small text. This is an extract from the January Release notes in Anapedia: "This new feature not only allows you to reduce the width of your grids, but also improves the appearance of the output when exporting the dashboard to PDF." My experience is that text wrapping has no effect at all on the exported PDF. (I believe I've tried every combinaton of export options) Has anyone successfully exported Text wrapped headers to PDF? Many thanks, Jon