Import from one version to another version using import


I need to import data from one version to another version - Forecast to calc version (Manual Version).

This module has 4 pages - Total hierarchy, year, wave, version 

Total hierarchy - Total > 1st level > 2 nd level > program


Version is fixed version - always to calc version

Program - i want to map single program each time of import 


Problem when I map a program it imports 4 times because of its hierarchy level

importing all once ignoring higher level 

how to ignore higher level when import single programs

Please refer attached image which give clear view

Screenshot (77).png


Screenshot (78).png

Screenshot (79).png




  • Hi,
    Use saved view with either higher levels filtered out, or using "Select levels" and selecting only lowest one.
  • And further to @M.Kierepka comment have a saved view that is filtered on the version that you're copying into the Calc version. That way you won't have the aggregation of data.

    Also do the same thing on the Program Name list because you'll be taking all the data into one item.

  • Thanks for your Quick Response,
    I tried importing with Saved view that filtering the Version and Only with program
    Still i am facing values add up 
    I Found a thing that all values are in the columns were imported in the program that selected 

    Please refer the image you can notice that number 13 was the last import made, that came by adding all other in the column 

    Screenshot (81).png