Exam Module 4 - Help


Its 4 hours into this exam....very frustrated.  Why are my target items greyed out, and how come I don't have a "role" to map the role to???



I'm not a developer....this exam truly is frustrating


  • The answer will lie in how you've set up your SYS08 Employee Details module (the "target module").


    When importing into modules, a target line item showing in grey means that line item cannot accept direct input. A general rule is that you can only map to a target line item if that line item can have data input into it directly. This will be the case if the line item contains a formula, since the value is calulcated. You will not be able to import values for such a line item.


    Note also that when you are mapping list items / dimension items (e.g. E2 Employees#), you could have a target item show up in grey if it is a summary-level item (e.g. if you are importing into the Employees list, the Region would show up as grey, since it is a parent item). The reason for this is essentially the same as above, as the summary level item is actually a calculated value.


    Regarding your other question around why you don't have a 'Role' item to map to -- you would need to create a Role line item in your module before mapping to it.

  • Hi @rob.arce,


    As for the items that are greyed out, that just means that those line items are populated with a formula already so they can't have anything imported to them - so don't worry about those.


    For the role line, I'm unfortunately unsure - looking back at my Level 1 model I don't have that line item in my SYS08 module either, but it has been a while since I completed it... if anyone else has done it recently perhaps they know what it's for?