How to import data in accordance to 3 different identifiers for a data set


I'm trying to load a data set into Anaplan that has three different identifiers for the data set. The three identifiers  make sure the data set does not have duplicates. The three identifiers in the data set are contract_id, Process Entered Data, and date_applied. At first I created List for all theses identifiers and tried to dimension the Module by all three, but I could not do that seeing that there is to much data for Anaplan to have three dimensions for the data set. So then I created list where contract_id was the parent of Process Entered Data, and then Process Entered data was the parent of Date Applied. This still gave me errors in my data when loading in the data. I would like to know how else I could approach this? 

I have attached the Flat File I'm trying to load in as well as the List that I created. 


Thank you 


Data Identifiers



Process Entered Date List with Contract ID List as a hierarchy 




And same was done for Date Applied List, but Process Entered Date was set as the hierarchy 




  • 2-3 approaches to upload the data: -


    1. create a unique code (concatenation of Contact id, Process entered date, Applied date) and upload into flat list

    2. Upload into numbered list. while uploading use uniqueness based on property option (if you're unable to create code)

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  • So I would make individual List for contract_id, Enter Process Date, and date_applied and each of the List will have unique codes, Then I will make a Flat List of concatenated codes for them? 

  • i would say better to go with numbered list

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  • So I would make each one of my identifier columns numbered list and then create a flat list that concatenates them all?