Cannot see line items in Pivot View but available in Blue Print


I have a wierd thing happening with this particular module, where I cannot see the Line Items in Pivot and I'm not able to change the view due to this. But I can add, remove or delete line items from the Blue print view. Is there something to do with any settings or is it a bug?.


I've attached images for reference. If some one have came across this issue and have a solution, Please let me know. 






  • It might be that you're stuck in a subsidiary view. What does the main view look like?

    Best thing to do is to refresh your browser page or to close and reopen and that should clear it up.

    It is very annoying when this happens!

  • I know the issue you are telling about. But the issue I have is different. It's been over a week and I dont see Line Items in Pivot so that I can change the views (attached Images). Also I don't have any subsidary views in that module. It's not just for me, but also for my collegues who are using that module. We basically can't see Line items selection in Main View. It's wierd, probably will have to contact support.

  • The other probable cause for this issue can be

    • "hidden" or "filtered" out line items. or 
    • Selective access enabled for the list


    ~ Jitendra