Numbered List showing numbers alongwith Display Name


Hi All,


Can you please advise why it's showing numbers along with Display Name in list? Also not showing numbers for some members.






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  • TimothyThomas

    Hi @shoaib986 ,


    The way the display of the numbered lists work is it will show the Anaplan-assigned # in parentheses if the list item is a duplicate. So from your example, the list member "Clear" shows up twice (from what we can see in your screenshot) under parents Wash & Care and Hand & Body Care, which is why it shows the #. Contrarily, the list item Cream Silk must be unique to Wash & Care, which is why it doesn't have the # displaying. If you were to add another list item named Cream Silk somewhere else on the list, it would start showing the #.


    Hopefully that makes sense - please let me know if it doesn't!




  • Yes clear. I dropped this list in a module, there it was just showing display name and not #, so not an issue.