Is Display Name Property only for for Numbered List?


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Is Display Name Property only for for Numbered List?





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  • JaredDolich
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    I like @TimothyThomas suggestion but would caution you to do everything you can to avoid adding list properties to non-numbered lists. Instead, use a system module to add all the properties you like. This allows you to calculate the property once and refer to it when needed through formulas. Also prevents daisy chaining. Referencing list properties is not very efficient and if your a "best-practice" follower you'll want to check out the Planual. It's rather stern towards the usage of list properties.


  • Hi @shoaib986 ,


    As far as I'm aware, the native Display Name property setting is only for numbered lists. You can add a text-formatted list property to a non-numbered list which you can reference throughout the model, but it won't change the actual display name of the list itself. Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong!