What is Difference between NMX and Old module




I have registered for learning L1 Module in NMX and I have seen there is other L1 Module also can anyone help with this what is the difference in that


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  • JaredDolich
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    Great question and not a very obvious difference, so good call out. You have two choices as it relates to visualizations, either you can learn Anaplan using the classic dashboards, or you can learn using the New UX. Classic uses the original technology and for the most part is no longer being upgraded, yet it does contain some features that are still not available in New UX (e.g., hold and release). New UX is what almost every new implementation uses and is getting monthly upgrades. I highly recommend you choose New UX. 

    There are plenty of articles about the differences. Just go to How To or Best Practices.

    Hope that helped.