Level 1 Exam Question 4

Can someone clarify something please (I'm not looking for answers since this is the exam).  But portions of exam questions or activities are blank as I'm going through this.  For instance, I can see L1 Model Building Activity 4 page, but the following activity page is completely blank.  I was able to see a screenshot of that page to complete activity 5, so I hope I did it correctly.


But regarding question #4, the exam is asking to fill in a number but which module am I supposed to reference here?  I'm assuming it EMP03 since we created this module, but I don't have any FY data in this module.  I have screenshots of the blank page in my exam and EMP03 for reference.  Since I'm missing pages in the exam, I don't know which module is needed to reference the data to answer the question.  Thus, I cannot progress further in the exam.  Thank you.


Missing pages in exam:

Screenshot (119).png









  • Hi,

    I am receiving a 503 error and when i contacted support they said that they are doing a system maintenance.

    I myself cannot proceed with the exam and i think you're facing the same error too.

  • Hi!


    No, my issue is in Learning.anaplan.com, not Anaplan.com where the system is currently down for maintenance.  There is not scheduled maintenance in Learning.anaplan.com right now (at least to my knowledge).  

  • Hi,

    So if Anaplan's site is down may i ask how you are completing the exam as i am stuck at question 5 and want to move forward.

    But I am not able too.

  • I'm not completing it...that's the problem.  I took those screenshots before the system went down.  I can't progress to question #5, because I don't know which module to reference for question #4 since my exam pages are missing.

  • Since you're on question #5, can you share if you used EMP 03 to answer question #4?  My exam pages are missing and I just need to know which module to reference to answer that question.  Thank you,

  • yes i did use EMP03 to answer question 4.

    So if i may ask when will you complete the exam since you're halfway as well.

    Is there a way for me to continue later?