Import into List - duplicates in key



I want to import a customer forecast into a module. 

The customer forecast is 

Key, Product, Location, Date, Qty


My end module will have a key dimension which is the Product/Location and dimension time,

with a value of qty.


So part of the import process is to create the key List.

If I import into the key list from the customer forecast file I get duplicates for product/location key for every time period that exists.

I could get round this by creating a key that includes time and create a very big list, and then importing from this into another shorter key list excluding time. But this seems to be creating what should be unnecessary lists/data

Ideally I would like the duplicates when importing into my keys list to not be an error.

Is there any way round this without having to create long lists to then shorten them?

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  • ManjunathKN
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    Hi @rosmiller 

    ETL process needs to be done to filter out the unwanted combinations. It is recommended to have a filtered data/list before getting into Anaplan. However, this is sometime not possible due to limitation in source side or manual work. 

    So, alternatively in Anaplan what you can do is you can import large data and filter out by "isfirstoccurance" and create another data set/list from that. After that, you can delete the main large list using "Delete from list using selection". That way it will be just a one time process and you will have your desired list.


  • rosmiller
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    Unfortunately I need to do the process every time I import the customer forecast. So every time I have to create and delete the large list. Which is OK, but inefficient. I accept that this has to be done.


  • Panji

    Hi @rosmiller,


    you need to add 1 line item and can use formula ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE



    and you need a saveview with filter TRUE data, after that you can import data to list form saveview


    ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE - Anaplan Technical Documentation






  • Unfortunately I need to import the data from the customer forecast before I can search for the first occurrence, in which case I need to include the date in the key.

    So yes, I can do it like this, but it means I have to have a very large key (including all dates) and then import into another module with a key not including the date. 
    Possible, but just seems long winded.

  • You could import the whole list in a numbered list and do the filtering from there (in a module) and then import into your final list?



  • Yes... but I then still have to create a larger list than necessary.

    I suppose I really want to be able to ignore the duplicates when I import into the smaller list.

    This would be a more efficient process. 

    But I accept this is not how Anaplan works.