loading duplicate names in a two hierarchy list


Hi, When loading a two level list (for example a "cost center" list with parent list "group cost center") I want lo load a member called "insurrance" in the cost center level with parent named "insurrance" too in the group cost center level. The member "Insurrance" is ignored when loading the cost center list. Could you help me to solve the issue? Thanks


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  • PrevContributor
    I normally just put a full stop after the duplicate name!

    By giving the highest roll up level in the hierarchy no full stop, then adding one for each duplication as you work your way down the hierarchy, you leave yourself an indication of which one of your duplicate names you are referring to in formulae. 

    If there's a better way to do it I would love to know.

  • simon_ritchie
    As Mark suggests, sometimes it's best to change the names slightly to make them unique.
    If there are only a few items then if you create the items manually in the lists, you don't get the errors that you receive when try to import.

    Create "Insurance" item in Group Cost Centre list
    Go to Cost Centre list, select insert, add the "Insurance" item as a child of "Insurance"
    It seems like it shouldn't work, but becuase the items are in different lists behind the scenes they have different id numbers and are treated as unique.
    As you've found, this doesn't work if you try to Import.



  • Look at the below image. If that is the case then it is possible with numbered list.
  • Yes it works with nimbered lists but in my configurations having list imports from model to model I wnated to evitate different technical codes between source and target because it doesn't work for data load in the next step.

    The better solution I found is to create numbered list and to import in text format for my import moudules and I do the mapping using finditem() function.