Display list items with non-zero values for sub-list creation


How would you go about creating a Module that looks in other Modules and finds every item in a list that has any non-zero values entered in a given 12 month period?


The idea would be to create a table that shows, for a given group of lists, all combinations of those list items that have at least one non-zero value in the 12-month period. We'd then take that view and use it to make sub-lists, saving us space in our final export module.


Let me know if that makes sense, happy to answer questions and open to simpler ways of doing this than the above proposal 🙂 


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  • Misbah
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    Usually these type of use cases are to find active SKUs that need to be forecasted but there could be other use cases as well. Anyway, the approach should be to find the total value for the last 12 months (in your case) and then use boolean to populate the subset of the existing list


    We could use both MOVINGSUM and TIMESUM but I think the better way is to use TIMESUM since your target module won't have TIME as a dimension.


    Line item 1 -> TIMESUM(Source Line Item, -11,0) - Number formatted

    Line item 2 -> Lineitem 1<> 0 - Boolean Formatted


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix