Display filtered items on new UX without show/hide functionality

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Is there a way to showcase the filtered items for a grid on the new UX without using show/hide functionality of the dashboard? When I'm creating a saved view to display only a few items in a dimension and positioning that dimension in the page selector on the new UX, the view automatically displays all of the items irrespective of the filter. Kindly help.






  • @kartikay2110 


    You can filter the list items directly in Context Selectors of New UX. Go to Page Designer mode and hit the Wheel Icon or Settings Icon on Context Selectors and use Filter or Hide/Show.




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  • @Misbah but is there any better way of doing this as we have multiple places where using show/hide functionality of New UX would be a tedious task.
  • Hi 

    I believe you will have a system module for that dimension (if not, Please create one). In your system module please add one line item and show "1" wherever you want that item to display in New UX- You can add a logic (it depends on your list and code) to display "1" or you can manually punch "1".

    In your Target module create one more line item and format it as boolean and write logic line item that display 1 or 0[sum : Mapping] > 0.

    You can use this as filter for either Grid/Module or Context filter for List items in Pages/contexts.


  • Or of course just have it as a boolean line item... we often have "filter" modules that end users just update and can then display what they want.