How does design fit into your role?



Hi everyone!

We'd love to hear more about you all and what you do.

Are you a dedicated UX Designer? Or do you also build and contribute to models?

Tell us all about how designing pages fits into your role.



  • My company only has three total model builders (myself included), and we are tasked with virtually everything Anaplan - so my main role is to build and contribute to models, but I also end up building and designing the end-result pages as there isn't really anyone else with the knowledge of the platform that could do it instead.


    I'd be curious to hear if others have these roles split from each other - oftentimes I am building within the model with a thought of how it will look in the UX, which may guide how I set up my modules and filters. At the same time, as someone with a FP&A background, I'm sure having someone dedicated to the design/visual piece would improve the look/feel of our pages, as well as providing synchronicity between pages/apps!

  • This is great insight, @TimothyThomas! Thanks so much for sharing.


    I'd love to know - when thinking about your end user's experience, do you create journey flows or sketches? How do you find out what they want/need? 

  • Thanks @JoannaM !


    Great question - once again, here's why it likely would make sense to have these roles split out from each other! We do not do journey flows or sketches. We generally meet with a SME/end user initially to gather the initial concept of the page. From there, we individually think through the best way to present the data (grid vs. chart, type of chart, layout, etc.)


    We do have a general guideline of how we build our pages in terms of layout and color, but it's not super strict. After we have built out and reviewed, we will present it to the end user and get their feedback, and make changes based on their thoughts.