Import from a module to the same module




I'm coming to you because I have a problem with a customer that I have never encountered before.
I am trying to import data from a saved view of a module to this same module. The saved view uses a filter that allows me to bring the data from an entity X to an entity Y that is selected at each import.
The action works when I launch it directly via Data>Import, or when I edit it before launching it (without changing anything in the mapping). However, it gives me the following error message when I run the action directly without editing first:


The mapping is automatic and is fine when I watch the action détails. After i got the error message, i just have to edit the action, click OK and it works again (until next time!).


Have you ever encountered this problem? Do you have any idea where it could be coming from?


Thank you very much for your help,


  • Misbah



    That's interesting & weird as well! Did you find anything, if not then I would say raise a ticket with support and see what they discover.


    In your error it says that the column headers in the Import file, are you sure this action has the source label as Module and not the File?



    Miz Logix

  • Hi @Misbah,


    Thanks for your answer! No, i am still looking for the solution.


    I have checked but the source format is saved view and not file.


    I will write a ticket to the support and let you know if they find anything.


    Have a great day,



  • Hi

    Your error says you are doing a file import, kindly check the import data source/source label in your imports.

    Could you please share the import action