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A few of our Anaplan users have reported that they are sometimes unable to copy (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v) numbers into some of the tables on our new UX dashboards. When they press ctrl v, no numbers are pasted into the table.


I have checked that the users have been inputting into user-input purple cells, and I also encountered the same issue myself. I'm a workspace administrator and was using Google Chrome when I was unable to copy and paste numbers into a table.


This issue has only started occurring this week for us. Has anyone else encountered this issue before and can it be resolved? Thanks in advance.


  • Misbah



    I remember this was the issue in early days of UX but I believe it was fixed by Anaplan. Could you try if you see the same issue while pasting the numbers in the backend (Module directly in the backend)


    If you still see the issue on UX, better get it investigated by Support




    Miz Logix

  • htupou

    Thanks @Misbah for your reply.


    I have tried copy and paste directly into the module in the backend of Anaplan and have not encountered this issue, it's only happened in the new UX dashboards. I will try and raise this with support.

  • Did you ever get help from support for the issue?

  • This problem is usually seen when users have selected top levels and they try to input there which they cant. So I particularly give users conditional formatting as yellow at least level if it is input so that they can recognize which cell they can input. Thanks 

  • @htupou - I have run into this in the past. In my experience, this has always been due to the formatting in Excel or Google Sheets where the spreadsheet is formatted as currency (i.e. Including the $ in the number). If you convert the spreadsheet to a number and drop the currency symbol, copy and paste typically works in the new UX.