13.6.4 Activity: Add Line Chart to Margin Summary Page



I'm in the middle of my L1 model building training and I've ran into an issue that I cannot seem to fix. According to the solution, my "Forecast Volume by Month" line chart should look like this: 


However, mine looks like this: 


I know this is because mine has FY totals included in the midst of the module view. When I go to the REV02 Volume Inputs view labeled "Chart UX", this is the filter as currently arranged: 


Could anyone assist me in fixing this issue? 


  • Hello @maszerlag 

    what do you see when you go to SYS00 module for the FY value ? Is it actually set to true and that’s why it’s included? 

  • Hi

    Check for the summary of your SYS00 module Line item Forecast monthly one(it should be in months) and your formula should be START() >= Current Period Start and make sure current period is selected in your time settings.


  • I was actually able to get a solution by going into SYS00 Time Settings and setting the "Forecast Months Only" Line item Summary to None. 

  • Adejimi

    Thank you for this solution. Really helpful

  • Faizan94
    edited July 2023

    This can help as well. I used custom view and filtered out the columns settings with the below and was able to get rid of FY's.