Anaplan Hyper Connect Error


Hello Team,


When we use Hyper Connect for Anaplan integration, we are frequently getting following Error and unable to figure root cause for the same. 


[ERROR] Write Failed. Internal Error: Adapter Write Returned Exception: com.anaplan.adapter.anaplanv2.metadata.adapter.service.exception.AnaplanServiceException: IOException in execute - url


Any reason why we are facing this and how to resolve it in future?


Thanks in Advance 🙂


  • Misbah



    I think it could be the formatting of the file, I am not certain though. Let me tag Integration expert @ben_speight 



    Miz Logix

  • At first glance I'd guess at a network or service problem. There was some API service degradation just recently that has since been resolved - if your problem persists then please reach out to support