How to download model from my anaplan workspace


I would like to download my workspace models, can someone help me out of it



  • Hey,


    What do you mean by download? Download model as a kind of application into your Personal system? or just download dump of module formulas? Lists? etc.


    If it's a download into your system, then it is not possible. It's a cloud model, you can move your model from one workspace to another but download is not an option. 


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  • Hello @Avinash90 


    As @Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati you can’t download a model into some sort of a file into your computer. Models have to live in a workspace. 

    However, there are a few ways you could use to store elements of a model locally perhaps for future reference.


    • You can export a list of certain artifacts such as the modules, general lists, actions, data sources, …etc 
    • Export a list of all the line items along with their formulas. I find this extremely helpful when auditing a model for deviations from best practices.
    • Export data in lists. This helps if you want to preserve the model hierarchies and structures.