Tell us what your teammates need from your dashboards


As an Anaplan user tasked with helping your teams better understand their data through your Anaplan UX dashboards, we want to hear more about what your end users tell you. What kinds of visualizations are they are asking you for, what do they struggle with in accessing and understanding your data, and how you resolve those problems through your expertise and Anaplan tooling? By better understanding the problems you and your users are trying to solve, Anaplan hopes to support your work to the fullest. 


  • Users always ask us to be able to :

    - multi select items in context lists instead of one at a time. some workaround imply creating a module with a boolean and an additional calculation line item taking into account the boolean selected and the amounts

    - have a limited list of items in context depending on other criterias like another context member selected. It cannot be achieved within context selectors

    - access to actual drillthrough showing them the relevant data loaded from a source in a requires a specific setup of filters to show / hide the list of transactions data within a grid depending on the context and/or dynamic selection

    - show each level of hierarchy in a separate column, which has a workaround by supercharging the report module with all levels of a hierarchy into line items.

    - being able to pivot into different lines / columns any line items from a grid and perform calculations based on these. known workaround for these is to build custom reporting modules each time