How to disable the checkbox



I am trying to disable checkbox in an app. 

I have 3 actions, data load, data clear and data approve.

Once user selects approve then other two actions has to disable.



Please suggest me in this.




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  • MaithriK
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    Hi Kirill Kuznetsov,


    I did using formula in the main module.

    Formula :Version. 'Select: Data Upload'[LOOKUP: 'Org'] AND NOT Version. 'Select: Lock Data'[LOOKUP: 'Org'] 


    It's Working. Issue is fixed.





  • @MaithriK 

    Please have a look at Dynamic Cell Access or DCA. This setting allows you to limit access per each cell with almost any boolean logic you need and especially very common for cases like yours. Here couple of links:

    Dynamic cell access - Anaplan Technical Documentation

  • @MaithriK 

    Another solution here is to have a dropdown selector for user to choose the options from.

    Make a selector from a list "Data Status".

    The list consists of three elements:

    Data Load

    Data Clear

    Date Approved

    This way user will have a single line item "Select action" where he will have to select between the three options - so no way he will be able to select multiple at once.

    On the backend you can keep your checkboxes which will have formula like this: Select Action = Data Status.Data Load

  • Thanks for the reply.

    My scenario is if the data approved and lock done by user ,no other user can not able to run rest of the processes. 

    The other check boxes has to disable for that organization. If I use DCA it is hiding all the organizations checkboxes. I want to hide only selected organization check box.




  • @MaithriK 

    If I understoood correctly you have additional dimension called "Organization" which you did not tell before.

    Correct me if i am wrong.

    If it's true, you just have to add this dimension to the DCA line item.