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Hi all,


I currently have a number of new UX pages with time as a page selector so that end users have the ability to view current and prior periods. I'm having issues where when a user opens up the page they are seeing Dec'21 first, when they should really be seeing Mar'22. Does anyone have a way set the default?





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  • TimothyThomas

    Hi @zacv20 ,


    Great question! We ran into this issue in the early stages of our first New UX builds. I would recommend looking at each card and its underlying view (whether it be a saved view within the model or a custom view created within the New UX) and checking what the default time setting is on the card. Make sure each card has the same time period selected. Once you've done that, the page should automatically open up to the selected month.


    One note, of course, is if users are arriving at the page from somewhere else where they have made a time selection, the page will keep their selection synced on the page.


    Hope that helps!


  • zacv20
    Thanks Timmy! That seems to have done the trick.

    Would be nice if they could add a filter for default selectors rather than having to re-save these views every quarter. Current workaround isn’t dynamic at all unfortunately.
  • Hi @zacv20 ,


    I agree completely! It is definitely a bit of a nuisance updating each quarter...