Rename Actions


I'm lost here:

"Rename the Action used to Build the P3 SKU list from the saved view"

I'm not seeing any additional actions to rename. Also confused at which action contains the SKU flat list to rename "1.5 Load SKU Flat".


Any assistance is appreciated.



  • Hi @AdinahJ ,

    If you are having trouble in locating the Import action which you need to rename,
    You can just see what is the source of any import in "Imports Tab" and visit the "Target Object" Column.


    Thus you will be able to locate the import action you need to rename,
    also you can verify it by checking the Source Object, this will give you the source name for your import,
    There fore fully confirm the import action you need to edit the name for.

    If still need any assistance , please share the screenshot for Imports TAB in your model.

    (Hope my answer would have helped you - Leave a Kudo)

  • AdinahJ

    I figured it out and forgot to mark my question as solved. Thank you for replying!

  • Hi Rohan @rohan.suratwale

    Hi @AdinahJ

    I am having issue to understand how to get P3 SKU list (1.4) in the list of actions and then only can rename it.. The other two - 1.6 and T1.3 are understood and done, but how about 1.4 (P3 SKU list) as I can't see any in the action items list… please help.