Action error only for non administrator users


Good morning, everyone.

I have an issue.

When I import data from one module to another, anaplan returns an error for non workspace administrator users. The error is:"You are not authorised to update this entity".

While the action works for workspace administrator users.

Maybe it is because of selective access used in the list.

I'm sorry, but I cannot show you the screen because it is confidential information.


In case this is a known issue, what could be the workaround for this?


Regards, Marco

Best Answer


  • The possible issue might be the Selective Access List or the module has Dynamic Cell Access enabled.


    If you have the 'Workspace Administrator' access, the action will run smoothly irrespective of your access restriction.. But it will throw error for the end users.



  • Yes, it should be Selective Access. 

    what could be the workaround for this?




  • @mpagani 

    There is no work around. If the user does not have access to that particular List Item He/She cannot write any data corresponding to it in the module. The user can only edit the data to which He/She has access to. 


    Selective access is meant to do so.


    I hope i am clear



  • @mpagani 


    If possible, could you please share what solved this issue of yours?



  • I being a workspace admin can put the parent in the parent field (using the action) however when a user runs the same action, the action creates list items but doesn't fold into the parent.


    Therefore, I choose to change the process in order to avoid this issue.